Kyzylorda Region

Kyzylorda Baikonur Aral, Kazakhstan
Kyzylorda Region

Қызылорда облысы
Кызылординская область
The Syr Darya River in Kyzylorda
The Syr Darya River in Kyzylorda
Coat of arms of Kyzylorda Region
Coat of arms
Map of Kazakhstan, location of Kyzylorda Region highlighted
Map of Kazakhstan, location of Kyzylorda Region highlighted
Coordinates: 45°0′N 64°0′E / 45.000°N 64.000°E / 45.000; 64.000Coordinates: 45°0′N 64°0′E / 45.000°N 64.000°E / 45.000; 64.000
Country Kazakhstan
 • AkimKuanyshbek Yskakov
 • Total226,019 km2 (87,266 sq mi)
 • Total799,533
 • Density3.5/km2 (9.2/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+5 (East)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+5 (not observed)
Postal codes
Area codes+7 (724)
ISO 3166 codeKZ-KZY
Vehicle registration11, N

Kyzylorda Region (Kazakh: Қызылорда облысы, romanized: Qyzylorda oblysy, قىزىلوردا وبلىسى; Russian: Кызылординская область, romanizedKyzylordinskaya oblast) is a region of Kazakhstan. Its capital is the city of Kyzylorda, with a population of 157,400. The region itself has a population of 590,000. Other notable settlements include Aral, Kazaly (Kazalinsk) and the Russian-administered Baikonur, which services the Baikonur Cosmodrome. The region borders neighboring country Uzbekistan, as well as three other regions: Aktobe Region (to the west), Karaganda Region (to the north), and Turkistan Region (to the east). The Syr Darya River, flowing from the Tian Shan mountains to the Aral Sea, passes through Kyzylorda Region. The total area of the province is 226,000 square kilometers.


As of 2020, the Kyzylorda Region has a population of 803,531.[2]

Ethnic groups (2020):[3]

Administrative divisions

The region is administratively divided into seven districts and the city of Kyzylorda.[4]

  1. Aral District, with the administrative center in the town of Aral;
  2. Karmakshy District, the settlement of Zhosaly;
  3. Kazaly District, the urban-type settlement of Ayteke Bi;
  4. Shieli District, the urban-type settlement of Shieli;
  5. Syrdariya District, the urban-type settlement of Terenozek;
  6. Zhalagash District, the urban-type settlement of Zhalagash;
  7. Zhanakorgan District, the urban-type settlement of Zhanakorgan.

Three localities in Kyzylorda Region have town status. These are Aral, Kazaly, and Kyzylorda.[5] The city of Baikonur is located within the area of the oblast but is currently rented and administered by Russian Federation.

Investment potential

Kyzylorda region - a land that takes its history from the depths of centuries, rich in ancient legends and traditions. The Land of Syr is the heart of the Turkic world, keeping in itself the traditions of distant antiquity, the eternal indelible memory of the heritage of ancestors. Here is where we bring bold ideas to life, therefore exactly from our Baikonur cosmodrome, humanity first stepped into space. This is the land experiencing a new level of development today.

Today, Kyzylorda is one of the regions with a dynamically developing economy, industry and agriculture, science and culture.

Kyzylorda it is a wide field for investment with dozens of industrial enterprises.

Investment attraction system

In the Kyzylorda region over the past 3 years there has been apositive trend in attracting investments (2017 – 243,1 billion tenge growth by 7,2%, 2018 – 325,5 billion tenge growth by 28,3%, 2019 - 400 billion tenge growth by 17,4%).

In order to create favorable conditions for investors, in 2018, a front office was created on the basis of the Entrepreneurs Service Center, which allowsreceiving all services in one place.

A special feature of the center is that visitors can use the services of 10 institutions in one place. The “one-stop shop” center provides about 70 types of services on land use, architecture, construction, taxation, and connection to engineering communications. Due to automation of the center's work, the time for issuing technical specifications has been reduced from 1 month to 3 working days.

For reference:in 12 months of 2019, 10546 services were rendered. In particular, for technical conditions-1872, for architecture and urban planning-1090, for land use-1531.

At the same time, in order to protect investors from corrupt actions by officials, the front office of the project “Protecting business and investments” has been operating in the region since June, 2018.

Alongside this, the investment portal is functioning in 3 languages(Kazakh, Russian, English) in order to provide information support to potential investors. The portal includes types of state support measures, investment benefits, an algorithm for obtaining permits and other necessary information for investors. [6]


The region sent a bandy team to the Spartakiade 2009.[7]

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