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Kyivstar JSC
Private Joint-stock company
IndustryMobile Telecommunications
HeadquartersKiev, Ukraine
Key people
Oleksandr Komarov — President
Andrew Simmons — CFO
ProductsCellular (2G:GSM, 3G:UMTS, 4G:LTE), Internet access (FTTB)
Revenue 15.753 billion (2016)[1]
4.229 billion (2016)[1]
3.410 billion(2016)[1]
Number of employees
~4 000 (2017)
ParentLetterOne (47,9%)
Telenor (14,6%)
The Stichting (8,3%)
Free float (29,2%)[2]

Kyivstar (Ukrainian: Київстар) is a Ukrainian telecommunications company, provides communication services and data transmission based on a broad range of fixed and mobile technologies, including 3G and 4G (LTE). "Kyivstar" mobile network covers all cities and towns of Ukraine, as well as more than 28 thousand rural settlements, all main national and regional highways, majority of sea and river coasts. As of the year 2018, Kyivstar is the largest mobile operator, as well as one of the largest internet providers of broadband access ("Home Internet" service) in Ukraine.[3]

JSC "Kyivstar" was founded and registered in Ukraine in 1994, provides mobile communications services from 1997. The company's head office is located in Kiev. Kyivstar is a member of the International Telecom Group VEON (Netherlands). VEON shares are in free float on the stock exchanges of NASDAQ, New York and Euronext, Amsterdam. VEON includes operating companies of LetterOne — 47.9% of shares, Telenor — 14.6%, The Stichting — 8.3%. The remaining 29.2% of shares are in free float.[2]

In 2017, the total revenue of Kyivstar amounted to 16.5 billion, 10.6% more than the year before.[4] By the end of 2016 "Kyivstar" became one of 29 Ukrainian companies that, according to the American consulting group of Deloitte, got a rating of 500 largest companies of Central and Eastern Europe.[5]

Tariff policy

As of April 2018, the company has tariffs for two groups of users - with prepayment and contract.[6]

For prepaid users rates are in the range of 75 UAH/month ("Unlim Social Nets")[7] to 225 UAH/month ("Maximum Unlim")[8].

For postpaid users, the rates range from 100 UAH/month ("Kyivstar 4G")[9] up to 1000 UAH/month ("Kyivstar 4G Business VIP")[10].

Key indicators


As of December 2017, "Kyivstar" serves more than 26 million subscribers. The Kyivstar network covers all big cities and small towns, more than 28 thousand rural settlements, all main national and regional highways, majority of sea and river coasts, providing coverage of the territory, where 99% of Ukraine's population lives. 3G Kyivstar network is available in over 10,000 settlements, where over 80% of the population of Ukraine lives.[11]

As of December 2017, the share of Kyivstar in the mobile market was 47.9% in subscribers, and 47.8% in income. Kyivstar GSM provides communication services throughout their coverage, as well as roaming in 195 countries on 5 continents. The company also provides services to more than 800 thousand users with access to broadband Internet on the basis of FTTB. A broadband Internet access service ("Home Internet" service) operates in 138 cities of Ukraine.

Number capacity


The company is managed by a Board of Directors, which includes:


The company was founded in 1994; the first call within the Kyivstar network was made on 9 December 1997. The company is a subsidiary of the VimpelCom Ltd.

From its very beginning, the company has always been believed to be tied with relatives of the former Ukrainian president Leonid Kuchma, thus getting preferential attitude from various government agencies in the past.[citation needed]

Old Kyivstar logo

Kyivstar's network codes are +38068 (former Beeline customers), +38067 (postpay and prepaid customers), +38096, +38097 and +38098 (DJuice and prepaid).

The company has enabled its existing network with Push-to-Talk capabilities in January 2007.

Kyivstar's main local competitors are MTS Ukraine and lifecell.

In 2004, Kyivstar became the official mobile operator of the Ukrainian Olympic team.

In 2007, Alain Robert climbed the 63-meter high Kyivstar building in Kiev as part of company's promotion campaign.[14]

In 2010, Global success of such projects as "DMD" (Djuice Music Drive),[15] "Kyivstar Subrscribers handbook",[16] and "Mobile email".[17]

On 5 February 2015 Kyivstar officially gave up its base stations in territory controlled by pro-Russian separatists during the War in Donbass.[18] The following months the company accused the separatists Donetsk People's Republic of setting up its own mobile network operator using these base stations.[18] On 18 April 2015 pro-Russian separatist leader Aleksandr Zakharchenko issued a decree stating that all equipment that Kyivstar gave up falls under the control of the separatists in order to “meet the needs of the population in the communication services”.[18] Kyivstar's president Petro Chernyshov labelled the Donetsk People's Republic operator "It's just robbery".[18]


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