Kongakut River

North Slope Borough, Alaska Beaufort Sea Alaska
Kongakut River
Kongakut River.jpg
Kongakut River in summer
Kongakut River is located in Alaska
Kongakut River
Location of the mouth of the Kongakut River in Alaska
CountryUnited States
BoroughNorth Slope
Physical characteristics
 • locationDavidson Mountains
 • coordinates68°48′47″N 143°22′47″W / 68.81306°N 143.37972°W / 68.81306; -143.37972[1]
 • elevation5,521 ft (1,683 m)[2]
MouthSiku Lagoon
 • location
Beaufort Sea
 • coordinates
69°46′35″N 141°42′16″W / 69.77639°N 141.70444°W / 69.77639; -141.70444Coordinates: 69°46′35″N 141°42′16″W / 69.77639°N 141.70444°W / 69.77639; -141.70444[1]
 • elevation
0 ft (0 m)[1]

The Kongakut River[pronunciation?] flows through parts of North Slope Borough in the U.S. state of Alaska.[1] It begins in the Davidson Mountains of the Brooks Range in the northeastern corner of the state, near the border with Yukon Territory in Canada.[3] The Kongakut flows generally northeast and north through the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to the Beaufort Sea northwest of Demarcation Point.[3] It was formerly sometimes called the Turner River but that name is now applied to a smaller stream in the vicinity due to confusion as to which was originally meant. The name Kongakut comes from the Inupiaq name for the river, meanining roughly "deer pond".[4]

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