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Italy-South Africa relations
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South Africa

Italy–South Africa relations are foreign relations between the Italian Republic and the Republic of South Africa. Both countries established diplomatic relations in 1929. Italy has an embassy in Pretoria, a consulate in Johannesburg, 2 consulates (in Cape Town and Durban) and 2 honorary consulates (in East London and Port Elizabeth). South Africa has an embassy in Rome, a general consulate in Milan and 7 honorary consulates (in Bari, Bologna, Florence, Genoa, Naples, Trieste and Venice).

There are around 35,000 people of Italian descent living in South Africa.

During World War II, some 100,000 Italian prisoners of war were held by the British in South Africa.[1]


In 2001, Italy ranked 6th in total trade and 10th in total investment in South Africa. Italy is a major producer and consumer of two of South Africa's largest exports, gold and coal. In regards to tourism, more than 37,000 Italians visited South Africa in 2001. In 2002, four direct flight existed between the countries with South African Airways due to open another.[2]

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