Italy–Slovenia relations

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Italian-Slovenian relations
Map indicating locations of Italy and Slovenia



Italian-Slovenian relations are foreign relations between Italy and Slovenia.

The two countries share 199 km of border.

Italy and Slovenia established diplomatic relations in 1992. Italy has an embassy in Ljubljana and a consulate in Koper.[1] Slovenia has an embassy in Rome and consulates in Trieste, Florence and Milan. Both countries are full members of the European Union and NATO.[2]

In addition to the autochthonous minorities, the Istrian Italians in Slovenia and the Slovene Italians in Italy, there are around 3,200 people of Slovenian descent living in Italy as of 2010.[3] Approximately 400,000 Italians visit Slovenia every year.

Even though their relationship is largely conflictless, some Slovenian nationalists[who?] do not recognize Italian sovereignty over the region of Trieste, claiming it as a part of the Slovenian nation. On the other hand, some Italian nationalists claim the Littoral region, which used to have an Italian majority in the coastal cities and still has an Italian population. Despite this, the relations are excellent.

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