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Italian-Lebanese relations
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Italian-Lebanese relations are relations between Italy and Lebanon. Both countries are members of the Union for the Mediterranean.


In 64 B.C., the Roman general Pompey added both Lebanon and Syria to the Roman Republic.[citation needed] During and before this time, Phoenicians and Romans exchanged knowledge, habits, and customs.

Modern history

Lebanon opened a legation in 1946, which was transformed into an embassy in 1955.[citation needed] Both countries signed a Treaty of Friendship, Cooperation and Navigation in 1949.[citation needed] The Italian Cultural Centre is located on the ground floor of the Embassy in the suburb of Baabda.[1]

High level visits

In April 2014, Italian Defense Minister Roberta Pinotti visited Lebanese President Michel Sleiman and Prime Minister Tammam Salam to discuss international support for the Lebanese Army.[2]

Italian assistance

The Italian Government supported the reconstruction of Lebanon after the Taef Agreement.[citation needed]

In December 2013, the Italian Government announced increased funding to Lebanon to assist Lebanon in dealing with refugees fleeing the Syrian Civil War. Italy also announced a rescue mission with five to seven ships to rescue thousands of migrants, mostly Syrians, in the Mediterranean Sea [3]

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