Italian Minister of Public Education

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Below is a list of Italian Ministers of Public Education since the birth of the Italian Republic in 1946. The list shows also the ministers that served under the same office but with other names, in fact this Ministry has changed name many times.

The Minister of Public Education leads the Ministry of Education, Universities and Research.

List of Public Education Ministers


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Name Portrait Term of office Political Party Government
Minister of Public Education
Guido Gonella Guido Gonella.jpg 13 July 1946 19 July 1951 Christian Democracy De Gasperi II·III
De Gasperi IV·V·
Antonio Segni Antonio Segni Official.jpg 26 July 1951 7 July 1953 Christian Democracy De Gasperi VII
Giuseppe Bettiol Giuseppe Bettiol.png 16 July 1953 2 August 1953 Christian Democracy De Gasperi VIII
Antonio Segni Antonio Segni Official.jpg 17 August 1953 12 January 1954 Christian Democracy Pella
Egidio Tosato Egidio Tosato.jpg 18 January 1954 8 February 1954 Christian Democracy Fanfani I
Gaetano Martino Gaetano Martino.jpg 10 February 1954 19 September 1954 Italian Liberal Party Scelba
Giuseppe Ermini Giuseppe Ermini.jpg 19 September 1954 2 July 1955 Christian Democracy
Paolo Rossi Paolo Rossi (politico).jpg 6 July 1955 15 May 1957 Italian Democratic Socialist Party Segni I
Aldo Moro Aldo Moro headshot.jpg 19 May 1957 15 February 1959 Christian Democracy Zoli
Fanfani II
Giuseppe Medici Giuseppe Medici.jpg 15 February 1959 26 July 1960 Christian Democracy Segni II
Giacinto Bosco Giacinto Bosco.jpg 26 July 1960 21 February 1962 Christian Democracy Fanfani III
Luigi Gui Luigi Gui.jpg 21 February 1962 24 June 1968 Christian Democracy Fanfani IV
Leone I
Giovanni Battista Scaglia Giovanni Battista Scaglia.jpg 24 June 1968 12 December 1968 Christian Democracy Leone II
Fiorentino Sullo Fiorentino Sullo.jpg 12 December 1968 24 February 1969 Christian Democracy Rumor I
Mario Ferrari Aggradi Mario Ferrari Aggradi.jpg 24 February 1969 23 March 1970 Christian Democracy Rumor I
Rumor II
Riccardo Misasi Riccardo Misasi.jpg 27 March 1970 26 June 1972 Christian Democracy Rumor III
Andreotti I
Oscar Luigi Scalfaro Oscar Luigi Scalfaro 1963.jpg 26 July 1972 7 July 1973 Christian Democracy Andreotti II
Franco Maria Malfatti Franco Maria Malfatti crop.jpg 7 July 1973 11 March 1978 Christian Democracy Rumor IV·V
Moro IV·V
Andreotti III
Mario Pedini Mario Pedini.jpg 11 March 1978 20 March 1979 Christian Democracy Andreotti IV
Giovanni Spadolini Giovanni Spadolini 2.jpg 20 March 1979 4 August 1979 Italian Republican Party Andreotti V
Salvatore Valitutti Salvatore Valitutti.jpg 4 August 1979 4 April 1980 Italian Liberal Party Cossiga I
Adolfo Sarti Adolfo Sarti.jpg 4 April 1980 18 October 1980 Christian Democracy Cossiga II
Guido Bodrato Guido Bodrato.jpg 18 October 1980 1 December 1982 Christian Democracy Forlani
Spadolini I·II
Franca Falcucci Franca falcucci.jpg 1 December 1982 28 July 1987 Christian Democracy Fanfani V
Craxi I·II
Fanfani VI
Giovanni Galloni Giovanni Galloni.jpg 28 July 1987 22 July 1989 Christian Democracy Goria
De Mita
Sergio Mattarella Sergio Mattarella daticamera 1992.jpg 22 July 1989 27 July 1990 Christian Democracy Andreotti VI
Gerardo Bianco Gerardo Bianco.jpg 27 July 1990 12 April 1991 Christian Democracy
Riccardo Misasi Riccardo Misasi.jpg 12 April 1991 28 June 1992 Christian Democracy Andreotti VII
Rosa Russo Iervolino Rosa Russo Jervolino.jpg 28 June 1992 10 May 1994 Christian Democracy Amato I
Francesco D'Onofrio Francesco D'Onofrio 1994.jpg 10 May 1994 17 January 1995 Christian Democratic Centre Berlusconi I
Giancarlo Lombardi Giancarlo Lombardi.jpg 17 January 1995 17 May 1996 Independent Dini
Luigi Berlinguer Luigi Berlinguer 2.jpg 17 May 1996 25 April 2000 Democratic Party of the Left/
Democrats of the Left
Prodi I
D'Alema I·II
Tullio De Mauro Tullio De Mauro 2006.jpg 25 April 2000 11 June 2001 Independent Amato II
Minister of Education, University and Research
Letizia Moratti Letizia Moratti in 2006 cropped (2).jpg 11 June 2001 17 May 2006 Forza Italia Berlusconi II·III
Minister of Public Education
Giuseppe Fioroni Giuseppe Fioroni daticamera.jpg 17 May 2006 8 May 2008 The Daisy/
Democratic Party
Prodi II
Minister of Education, University and Research
Mariastella Gelmini Mariastella Gelmini daticamera 2009.jpg 8 May 2008 16 November 2011 The People of Freedom Berlusconi IV
Francesco Profumo Francesco Profumo.jpg 16 November 2011 28 April 2013 Independent Monti
Maria Chiara Carrozza Maria Chiara Carrozza daticamera 2013.jpg 28 April 2013 22 February 2014 Democratic Party Letta
Stefania Giannini Stefania Giannini senato.jpg 22 February 2014 12 December 2016 Civic Choice/
Democratic Party
Valeria Fedeli Valeria Fedeli datisenato 2018.jpg 12 December 2016 1 June 2018 Democratic Party Gentiloni
Marco Bussetti Ministro Bussetti (cropped).jpg 1 June 2018 5 September 2019 Independent Conte I
Lorenzo Fioramonti Lorenzo Fioramonti daticamera 2018.jpg 5 September 2019 25 December 2019 Five Star Movement Conte II
Minister of Public Education
Lucia Azzolina Lucia Azzolina daticamera 2018.jpg 10 January 2020 Incumbent Five Star Movement Conte II