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Igbo Canadians
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Regions with significant populations
Vancouver, Toronto, Calgary, Montreal, Edmonton, Quebec City
Igbo,[2] English, French

Igbo Canadians are citizens of Canada that are of whole or part Igbo descent. The Igbo are an ethnic group from Nigeria. According to the 2016 Canadian census, the number of people who identified as Igbo was 18,315.[1] But the exact population of the Igbos in Canada is likely to be far greater as the Number of Igbo immigrants from Nigeria, USA, Equatorial Guinea and Jamaica is increasing daily.Because of nationality, some Igbo people may have identified as Nigerian. There were 51,835 people who self identified as Nigerian in the 2016 census.[1] Additionally, 18,315 people identified Igbo as their mother tongue and 8,850 people said that they had some knowledge of Igbo.[2]


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