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InStat Ltd.
IndustrySports Performance Analysis, Scouting
Founded2007; 13 years ago (2007)
Area served
Key people
Alexander Ivanskiy (Founder)
ProductsInStat Scout video platform, InStat reports, InStat Autocrop filming technology

InStat is a sports performance analysis company, providing professional tools for individual and team performance evaluation, scouting, fitness analysis and a panoramic filming technology. The company was founded in Moscow, Russia in 2007,[1] and has multiple offices and representatives around the world.


InStat was founded to support football professionals with statistical data. Each action on the pitch is broken down by InStat analysts and is then available for study via statistical reports or online video platform InStat Scout. The platform allows coaches to access stats linked to the supporting videos of actions, making video analysis faster and easier. Later on the tracking data support was introduced, providing teams with fitness data and 2D model of the match. Due to the high demand the same approach was then introduced to ice hockey and basketball.


InStat Scout

InStat Scout is a web-based platform for performance analysis. It provides access to a wide range of team and individual stats, which are all linked to the supporting video episodes. Apart from being used for analysis, the platform offers great opportunities for scouting due to a large database of stats and videos[2].

InStat Reports

There are different kind of reports provided by InStat to cover the needs of a professional team: statistical reports on a match, tour or the whole championship; fitness reports for the whole team and each player individually; analytical reports on the next opponent or a recently played game; scouting reports on a specific player, specific position or team's squad depth.

InStat Autocrop

InStat has developed its own filming technology: it uses the panoramic 4K footage and then AI uses special algorithms to crop the frame to feature all field player on the screen[3]. This footage is superior to the TV video, as coaches need to see every player on any second of the match, while regular cameraman follows the ball and only a few players around it.

InStat Media

InStat offers media support with specific reports for broadcasters, online data feeds for TV coverage and online access to data via mobile app.

InStat Social Media





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