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Parliament of Antigua and Barbuda List of Speakers of the House of Representatives of Antigua and Barbuda 2018 Antiguan general election

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The House of Representatives of Antigua and Barbuda is the lower chamber of the country's bicameral parliament.

The current House of Representatives has a total of 19 members. 17 members are directly elected to five-year terms from single member constituencies using the first-past-the-post system. There is one ex officio member (the Attorney-general) and the remaining seat is held by the Speaker.[1]

Members of the House of Representatives

The following are the current members of the Antigua and Barbuda House of Representatives as elected in the 2018 Antiguan general election.[2][3][4]

Political Party Member Constituency
ABLP Honourable Gaston Browne - Prime Minister St. John's City West
ABLP Honourable Steadroy Cutie Benjamin St. John's City South
ABLP Honourable Maria Bird-Browne St. John's Rural East
ABLP Honourable Robin Kenworth Montgomery Yearwood St. Phillip North
ABLP Honourable Asot Anthony Michael St. Peter
ABLP Honourable Molwyn Joseph St. Mary's North
ABLP Honourable Daryll Mathew St. John's Rural South
ABLP Honourable Everly Paul Chet Greene St. Paul
ABLP Honourable Samantha Marshall St. Mary's South
ABLP Honourable Charles Fernandez St. John's Rural North
ABLP Honourable Melford Walter Nicholas St. John's City East
BPM Honourable Trevor Walker Barbuda
ABLP Honourable Michael Browne All Saints West
ABLP Honourable Dean Jonas St. George
ABLP Honourable Londell Benjamin - Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives St. John's Rural West
ABLP Honourable Lennox Weston St. Phillip South
UPP Honourable Jamale Pringle - Leader of the Opposition All Saints East & St. Luke
None Honourable Sir. Gerald Watts QC None (Speaker of the House of Representatives)

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