Government of Quebec

National Assembly of Quebec Premier of Quebec Executive Council of Quebec
Gouvernement du Québec
Government of Quebec (English)
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Legislative branch
LegislatureNational Assembly
Meeting placeParliament Building
Executive branch
Main bodyExecutive Council
Head of GovernmentPremier
Viceregal RepresentativeLieutenant Governor
Judicial branch
CourtSuperior Court

The Government of Quebec (French: Gouvernement du Québec) refers to the provincial government of the province of Quebec. Its powers and structure are set out in the Constitution Act, 1867.

In modern Canadian use, the term "government" refers broadly to the cabinet of the day, elected by the National Assembly of Quebec and the non-political staff within each provincial department or agency – that is, the civil and public services.

The province of Quebec, like all Canadian provinces, is governed by a unicameral legislature, the National Assembly of Quebec, which operates in the Westminster system of government. The political party that wins the largest number of seats in the legislature normally forms the government, and the party's leader becomes premier of the province, i.e., the head of the government.

Lieutenant Governor of Quebec

The functions of the sovereign, Elizabeth II, Queen of Canada, and known in Quebec as the Queen in Right of Quebec, are exercised by the Lieutenant Governor of Quebec. The Lieutenant Governor is appointed by the Governor General of Canada on the recommendation of the Prime Minister of Canada, in consultation with the Premier of Quebec.

Executive powers

The executive powers in the province are vested in the monarch and are exercised by the Premier of Quebec and the Cabinet, who are responsible to the National Assembly of Quebec, advising the lieutenant governor on how to exercise the Royal Prerogative and other executive powers.


Queen Elizabeth II
The Honourable J. Michel Doyon
Portfolio Minister
Premier of Quebec François Legault
Deputy Premier of Quebec
      Minister of Public Security
Geneviève Guilbault
Minister of Aboriginal Affairs Geoffrey Kelley
Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food
      Minister responsible for the Estrie Region
Laurent Lessard
Minister of Culture and Communications
      Minister responsible for the Protection and Promotion of the French Language
Hélène David
Minister of Education, Recreation and Sports
      Minister of Higher Education, Research and Science
      Minister responsible for the Côte-Nord Region
Yves Bolduc
Minister of Economic Development, Innovation and Export Trade Dominique Anglade
Ministry of Employment and Social Solidarity François Blais
Minister of Families and Senior Citizens
      Minister responsible for the Laval Region
Francine Charbonneau
Minister of Finance Carlos Leitão
Minister of Public Security
President of the Treasury Board of Quebec
Martin Coiteux
Minister of Health and Social Services Gaétan Barrette
Immigration, Francisation and Integration Simon Jolin-Barrette
Minister for Intergovernmental Affairs
      Minister responsible for the Access to Information and Democratic Reform
Jean-Marc Fournier
Minister of International Relations Christine St-Pierre
Minister of Justice
      Minister responsible for the Status of Women
      Minister responsible for the Outaouais Region
Stéphanie Vallée
Minister of Labour
      Minister responsible for the Capitale-Nationale Region
Sam Hamad
Minister of Municipal Affairs, the Regions and Land Occupancy
      Minister responsible for the Montérégie Region
Pierre Moreau
Minister of Natural Resources
      Minister responsible for the Northern Plan
      Minister responsible for the Laurentides Region
      Minister responsible for the Lanaudière Region
Pierre Arcand
Minister of Sustainable Development, Environment and Parks
      Minister responsible for the Fight against Climate Change
David Heurtel
Minister of Tourism
      Minister responsible for the Chaudière-Appalaches Region
Dominique Vien
Minister of Transport and Infrastructure
      and Minister responsible for the Montreal Region
Robert Poëti
Ministers of State
Portfolio Minister
Minister for Forests, Wildlife and Parks
      Minister responsible for the Centre-du-Québec Region
Laurent Lessard
Minister for Mines
      Minister responsible for the Abitibi-Témiscamingue Region
      Minister responsible for the Nord-du-Québec Region
Luc Blanchette
Minister for Transport and the Implementation of the Maritime Strategy
      Minister responsible for the Bas-Saint-Laurent Region
      Minister responsible for the Gaspésie-Îles-de-la-Madeleine
Jean D'Amour
Minister for Small and Medium Business, Regulatory Streamlining and Regional Economic Development
      Minister responsible for the Mauricie Region
Jean-Denis Girard
Minister of State for Rehabilitation, Youth Protection and Public Health Lucie Charlebois
Non-Cabinet Roles
Role Member
President of the Government Caucus Nicole Ménard
Chief Government Whip Stéphane Billete