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Coordinates: 25°2′1″N 121°33′52″E / 25.03361°N 121.56444°E / 25.03361; 121.56444

German Institute Taipei
Deutsches Institut Taipei
Taipei 101, in which the German Institute Taipei is located.
TypeOverseas representative office[1]
Area served
 Republic of China (Taiwan)
Thomas Prinz
WebsiteGerman Institute Taipei

The German Institute Taipei (German: Deutsches Institut Taipei); (Chinese: 德國在台協會; pinyin: Déguó Zài Tái Xiéhuì; Pe̍h-ōe-jī: Tek-kok chāi Tâi Hia̍p-hōe) is the overseas representative office of Germany in Taiwan, which promotes the non-diplomatic German-Taiwanese relations[3] and looks after German interests there.[4] Tasks of the institution includes the increasing of bilateral cooperation (especially in the field of culture and economy),[3] dealing with consular affairs like Visa or passport, providing a variety of services for German citizens in Taiwan[5] and German-related information to Taiwanese people.[1] In some instances, it maintains contacts with Taiwanese government on behalf of the Federal Republic of Germany, acting as a de facto embassy.[6] Institute affairs are led by a Director General (German: Generaldirektor), who acts as the German representative to Taiwan.[7]

Its counterpart in Germany is the Taipei Representative Office in the Federal Republic of Germany in Berlin.[8]

List of Directors General

No. Photo Name Tenure
01 Klaus Rupprecht 2000 – 2002[9]
02 Ulrich Dreesen 2002 – 2005[9]
03 Detlef Boldt 2005 – 2008[9]
04 Birgitt Ory (cropped from 副總統接見德國國會社民黨國會議員代表團主席ENGELBERT WISTUBA r3).jpg Birgitt Ory 2008 – 2011[9]
05 Michael Zickerick (cropped from德國在台協會處長紀克禮拜會王縣長 201404301746021).jpg Michael Zickerick 2011 – 2014[9]
06 Martin Eberts (cropped from 賴市長致贈劍獅紀念品予德國在台協會處長歐博哲).jpg Martin Eberts 2014 – 2018[9]
07 Thomas Prinz 王子陶 (02.25 總統接見德國在台協會處長王子陶 - Flickr id 49582773807).jpg Thomas Prinz 2018 –[10]

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