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Fowler is an English and/or Scots surname. Its origin is the Old English fugelere, an occupational name for a bird-catcher or hunter of wild birds.[1][2][3] Old English fugel or fugol means "bird" and has evolved into the modern word fowl.

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The "Fowler" surname evolved from an original use of "Fugelere" in the early 13th Century.[3] The surname is uncommon in the United States, appearing with a rank of 250 in the 1990 Census and a rank of 267 in the 2000 Census, 27½% of the American population being accounted for surnames in the ranks of 1 to 250.[4] In 19th Century England, "Fowler" was widespread, appearing in 35 of the 39 historic counties, with higher density in the north of England, in the 1891 Census of England and Wales.[5] Meanwhile, in 19th Century United States, "Fowler" appears in every surveyed state in both the 1880 US Census and 1840 US Census, showing a higher concentration in New York state in each case.[6][7]

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Several characters in the British soap opera EastEnders share the "Fowler" surname:

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