Fortza Paris

Lega Nord Christian democracy Federalism
Fortza Paris
PresidentGianfranco Scalas
Founded3 March 2004
HeadquartersCagliari, Sardinia, Italy
Christian democracy[1]
Conservative liberalism
National affiliationCentre-right coalition
Chamber of Deputies
0 / 630
0 / 315
European Parliament
0 / 73
Regional Council of Sardinia
1 / 60

Fortza Paris ("Forward Together") is a regionalist political party in Sardinia.[1]


The party was launched in 2004 at the merger of the Sardinian People's Party, Sardistas and Unity of Sardinian People.[2][3][4] Its self-proclaimed ideology comprises "all what the 20th Century had it good", including Christian democracy, liberalism, social democracy and federalism,[5] but it is basically a Christian-democratic party. In fact, its main component had emerged from the regional section of the United Christian Democrats.


In the 2004 regional election FP won 4.6% of the vote and three regional councillors.[6] In the 2005 provincial elections a member of FP, Pasquale Onida, was elected President of the province of Oristano, where the party's share reached 11.4%.

In the 2008 general election party leader Silvestro Ladu was an unsuccessful candidate for The People of Freedom (PdL) for the Senate.[7] Later that year, several FP members, including Onida, Ladu and other two regional councillors (one coming from the Union of Christian and Centre Democrats) joined the PdL, while a minority, led by Gianfranco Scalas, did not.[8][9] In the 2009 Sardinian regional election Ladu and other two FP members, Domenico Gallus and Renato Lai, were elected to the Regional Council for the PdL, while Scalas, who was a candidate of a joint list with the local Movement for Autonomy, failed to do the same.

In 2009 a former leader of Fortza Paris, Adriano Aversano, launched Lega Sarda, that aimed at becoming the Sardinian "national section" of Lega Nord.[10] In fact, in that very year the federal leadership of Lega Nord supported the creation of Lega Nord Sardinia.[11][12]

In the 2010 provincial elections the party suffered a general decline in term of votes, except in its stronghold Oristano, where it won 9.9% of the vote.[13] In the 2014 regional election the party won a mere 0.7% of the vote and was evicted from the Regional Council.[14]


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