Finnish order of precedence

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The Finnish order of precedence is a nominal and symbolic hierarchy of important positions within the government of Finland. It has no legal standing, it does not reflect the Finnish presidential line of succession or the co-equal status of the branches of government under the constitution, and is only used to indicate ceremonial protocol.

  1. President of the Republic Sauli Niinistö
  2. Retired Presidents of the Republic in order of term:
    1. President Martti Ahtisaari
    2. President Tarja Halonen
  3. Speaker of the Parliament Matti Vanhanen
  4. Prime Minister Sanna Marin
  5. President of the Supreme Court Tatu Leppänen
  6. President of the Supreme Administrative Court Pekka Vihervuori
  7. Chief of Defence Timo Kivinen
  8. Chancellor of Justice Tuomas Pöysti
  9. Archbishop of Turku Tapio Luoma
  10. Chancellor of the Order of the Cross of Liberty Gustav Hägglund
  11. Chancellor of the Order of the White Rose of Finland and the Order of the Lion of Finland Jussi Nuorteva
  12. Chancellor of the University of Helsinki Kaarle Hämeri

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