Fluoroelastomer Ethylene Adhesive

FKM (fluorocarbon) is a family of fluoroelastomer materials defined by the ASTM International standard D1418. It is equivalent to FPM by ISO/DIN 1629 standard. All FKMs contain vinylidene fluoride as a monomer. Originally developed by DuPont (Viton®), FKMs are today also produced by Daikin Chemical (Dai-El), 3M's Dyneon (Dyneon Fluoroelastomers), Solvay Specialty Polymers (Tecnoflon), HaloPolymer (Elaftor) and several Chinese manufacturers. Viton® is now manufactured by Chemours. Fluoroelastomers are more expensive than neoprene or nitrile rubber elastomers. They provide additional heat and chemical resistance. FKMs can be divided into different classes on the basis of either their chemical composition, their fluorine content or their crosslinking mechanism.


On the basis of their chemical composition FKMs can be divided into the following types:

A useful overview of different types of FKM-compounds is listed here.

Crosslinking mechanisms

There are three established crosslinking mechanisms used in the curing process of FKMs.

Application of FKM:

1. Chemical Process and Petroleum Refining: This sealing product is used in mechanical seals, pumps, reactors, mixers, compressor housings, valves, meters and other equipment. Usually used as a seat, stem packing, diaphragm and gasket.

2, analysis and process instruments: separators, diaphragms, cylindrical fittings, hoops, gaskets, etc.

3. Semiconductor manufacturing

4. Food and pharmaceutical

5. Aviation and aerospace

Related polymers

Other Fluoroelastomers include :


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