Evangelical Fellowship of Canada

Ontario ISBN (identifier) World Evangelical Alliance
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Evangelical Fellowship of Canada
Alliance évangélique du Canada
Founded1964; 56 years ago (1964)
Founded atGreater Toronto Area, Ontario, Canada
TypeEvangelical organization
HeadquartersRichmond Hill, Ontario, Canada
Bruce J. Clemenger
Bill Fietje
AffiliationsWorld Evangelical Alliance
Revenue (2019)
$4.2 million[1]
Expenses (2019)$3.6 million[1]
Staff (2019)
Websiteevangelicalfellowship.ca Edit this at Wikidata

The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada (EFC; French: Alliance évangélique du Canada) is a national evangelical alliance, member of the World Evangelical Alliance. Its affiliates comprise 42 evangelical Christian denominations, 64 Christian organizations, 38 educational institutions, and 700 local church congregations in Canada. The head office is in Richmond Hill, Ontario. Its president is Bruce J. Clemenger.


The EFC was founded in 1964 in the Greater Toronto Area in Ontario.[3][4][5] J. Harry Faught, a Pentecostal, was its founding president. It has been involved in numerous government bills, regarding issues such as religious freedoms, defining marriage, prostitution, and abortion.[6]

In June 2003, Bruce J. Clemenger became President of the EFC.[7] In 2017, it counted 42 Christian denominations, 64 organizations, 38 educational institutions, and 700 local church congregations as affiliates.[8]


The EFC publishes Faith Today, a major evangelical magazine in Canada, founded in 1983 under the leadership of Brian Stiller. Love in Action magazine was founded by Joel Gordon and Benjamin Porter in 2013[9][10] and in 2016 was rebranded under the name, Love Is Moving - Canada's Christian youth and young adult magazine.[11]

Christian denominations members

The EFC reported 42 affiliated evangelical Christian denominations and regional denominational groups in 2019.[12]


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