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E22 shield

Route information
Length5,320 km (3,310 mi)
Major junctions
West endHolyhead, United Kingdom
East endIshim, Russia
Countries United Kingdom
Highway system
International E-road network

European route E22 is one of the longest European routes. It has a length of about 5,320 km (3,310 mi). Many of the E-roads have been extended into Asia since the year 2000; the E22 was extended on 24 June 2002.


United Kingdom

Port of Holyhead Ferry Sign.svg (53°18′34″N 4°37′44″W / 53.3094°N 4.6289°W / 53.3094; -4.6289)

Port of Immingham Ferry Sign.svg (53°37′38″N 0°11′27″W / 53.62718°N 0.19097°W / 53.62718; -0.19097)


Amsterdam (52°22′N 4°54′E / 52.367°N 4.900°E / 52.367; 4.900)

Bad Nieuweschans (53°10′50″N 7°12′26″E / 53.18056°N 7.20722°E / 53.18056; 7.20722)


Bunde (53°11′N 7°16′E / 53.183°N 7.267°E / 53.183; 7.267)

Sassnitz Ferry Sign.svg (54°30′59″N 13°38′28″E / 54.51639°N 13.64111°E / 54.51639; 13.64111)

Elbe Crossing

There are currently plans to reroute the E22 between Lübeck and Westerstede, to go north of Hamburg and Bremen over the A20, when this new motorway is built after 2020. The E22 would then use the planned tunnel under the Elbe at Drochtersen/Glückstadt.[citation needed]


Trelleborg Ferry Sign.svg (55°22′N 13°10′E / 55.367°N 13.167°E / 55.367; 13.167)
(Start of concurrency with E6)

Norrköping (58°36′N 16°12′E / 58.600°N 16.200°E / 58.600; 16.200)

In Sweden, E-Roads do not have national numbers. There is currently no ferry across the Baltic Sea between Norrköping and Ventspils. The best ferry alternative is from Nynäshamn to Ventspils. The line is run by Scandlines.


Ventspils Ferry Sign.svg (57°23′26″N 21°34′24″E / 57.39056°N 21.57333°E / 57.39056; 21.57333)

Zilupe (56°23′N 28°07′E / 56.383°N 28.117°E / 56.383; 28.117)


Between Kazan and Igra, the road takes a detour over Yelabuga, because the shortest route between Kazan and Igra uses a ferry over the Vyatka River (56°35′31″N 50°42′32″E / 56.592°N 50.709°E / 56.592; 50.709), and the road is a bad gravel road around that area. Google Maps shows the E22 to use the ferry, but that is wrong; the UN convention lists Yelabuga along a paved road without any ferry. Both routes are visible in Google Streetview. A much used shortcut is Izhevsk - Votkinsk - Perm.

Between Perm and Ishim, the E22 follows the Trans-Siberian Railway.


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