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Euroleague Basketball
Limited liability company
Founded1 July 2000; 20 years ago (2000-07-01)
HeadquartersQuatre Camins, 9-13 08022, ,
Area served
Key people
Jordi Bertomeu
(President and CEO)

Euroleague Basketball is the private company that runs and operates the top two continental-wide basketball men's professional sports club competitions in Europe, the first-tier level EuroLeague, and the second-tier level EuroCup. It has been organizing the EuroLeague competition since the year 2000, beginning with the 2000–01 season.[1] Since 2002, it has also organized the EuroLeague Final Four. It also oversees the European national basketball league rankings, and the Euroleague Basketball Next Generation Tournament.[2] It is headquartered in Barcelona.[3]

Company structure

Euroleague Commercial Assets S.A.[4] (ECA) is the limited liability company, acting pursuant to Luxembourg law, with registered office in rue Beaumont 17, L-1219 Luxembourg. It is governed by the statutes and the resolutions of the governing bodies, the owners of which are the clubs participating in the EuroLeague and a number of leagues.[5]

The General Assembly is the ECA body of representation and governance, where the ECA shareholders meet together with the associated clubs, which is responsible for the general supervision of the issues regarding the EuroLeague and for approving the Bylaws, as stipulated in the EuroLeague Club Licensing Rules. In addition, it ensures the coordination of the clubs and has the authority to make decisions and confer functions on the Shareholders Executive Board.[5]

The General Assembly constituted the Shareholders Executive Board and granted it the duties to submit proposals and recommendations to the General Assembly, monitor and control the observance of the resolutions made by the General Assembly, take urgent measures when there is no time to convene a meeting of the General Assembly (subject to the subsequent ratification of the General Assembly), and exercise any further functions conferred on it by the General Assembly. The Shareholders Executive Board will consist of the following members, elected by the General Assembly, for a three-year term of office:[5]

Euroleague Properties S.A.[6] (EP) is the limited liability company, controlled by ECA, responsible for managing and organising the EuroLeague and EuroCup competitions in which the EuroLeague and EuroCup clubs participate, as well as for commercialising the properties of these competitions (to deal with the promotion and development of the commercial activities linked to these competitions), in accordance with what is established in the bylaws.[5]

EP has designated the company Euroleague Entertainment & Services, S.L.U., controlled by ECA, as the body responsible for the management and administrative organisation of the EuroLeague and EuroCup competitions in accordance with what is established in the bylaws. This company must adhere to the EuroLeague Regulations and any future modifications, amendments or derogations whenever the governing bodies approve them.[5]

Euroleague Ventures S.A.[7] (EV) is the limited liability company incorporated by EP and IMG Media Limited according to the joint venture agreement signed by both parties with the aim of increasing the stature, awareness and economic value of the EuroLeague, EuroCup and the clubs. EP and IMG Media Limited have agreed on a long-term cooperation in the management, administration and organisation of the promotion and commercialisation of the EuroLeague and EuroCup through the incorporation of EV.[8]

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