Department of Finance (Canada)

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Department of Finance Canada
Ministère des Finances Canada
Department overview
FormedJuly 1, 1867
TypeDepartment responsible for
  • Economic and Fiscal Policy
  • Economic Development and Corporate Finance
  • Federal-Provincial Relations and Social Policy
  • Financial Sector Policy
  • International Trade and Finance
  • Tax Policy
  • Corporate Services
Ministers responsible

Department of Finance Canada (French: Ministère des Finances Canada) operates under the Minister of Finance. Its purpose is to ensure a healthy Canadian economy by developing policies of sound economic management and providing expert advice to the government.[1]

The department is headquartered in the James Michael Flaherty building in downtown Ottawa at the corner of Elgin and Albert.

Branches and sub-agencies

The Department is divided into several branches:

Some of the sub-agencies under the Department include:

Related legislation

Acts and legislations under the Department:


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