Democracy and Autonomy

Luigi de Magistris (politician) Italy of Values Naples
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Democracy and Autonomy

Democrazia e Autonomia
PresidentLuigi De Magistris
SecretaryClaudio de Magistris
Founded2015 (association)
2017 (political party)
Preceded byOrange Movement
HeadquartersVia Toledo, 156
80134 Naples
IdeologyLeft-wing populism
Democratic socialism
Political positionLeft-wing
European affiliation
Chamber of Deputies
0 / 630
0 / 315
European Parliament
0 / 73
Naples City Council
8 / 40

Democracy and Autonomy (Italian: Democrazia e Autonomia, DemA) is a political party in Italy, based in Campania. Its founder and leader is Luigi de Magistris, current mayor of Naples and former MEP for Italy of Values.


DemA was launched as an association by Mayor of Naples, Luigi de Magistris, and his associates in 2015.[2]

In the Naples municipal election DemA (7.6%) was among the lists which supported Luigi de Magistris re-election as mayor (42.8% in the first round and 66.9% in the run-off). Its local partners were Naples in Common to the Left (a joint list of Italian Left, Possible, The Other Europe, the Communist Refoundation Party, the Italian Communist Party and Green Italy), the Federation of the Greens, the Democratic Republicans, Italy of Values, the Party of the South and six civic lists.[3]

In December 2018, De Magistris launched a new political coalition of left-wing political organizations, with the intention of running in the 2019 European election.[4]


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