Decima Research

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Decima Research is a public opinion and market research company in Canada. It was founded in 1979 by Progressive Conservative Party of Canada strategist Allan Gregg; in 2007 it became a subsidiary of Harris Insights & Analytics. Cornell University's Roper center recognizes it as a "Historically Contributing Data Provider."[1]


Gregg left Decima in 1994 and went into semi-retirement following the electoral disaster for the Progressive Conservatives in the 1993 election in which he was the key communications strategist for the party.[citation needed] Decima floundered for several years but rebounded and is now an important polling firm on voting intentions in Canada.[citation needed] Along with Ipsos-Reid, Decima conducts polling of the federal political scene in Canada on a regular basis, whether or not an election campaign is in progress.

Decima Research is sometimes known as Opinion Search, which is technically the name of an affiliated calling centre that they always use for their field work.[citation needed]

Decima research invests a significant amount of time and money into process improvement, and has a department dedicated solely to research and development.[citation needed] The investments related to internal systems spans both Decima and Opinion Search.


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