Cosby Cup

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Cosby Cup, on display at Ottawa City Hall, January, 2009

The Cosby Cup was the trophy given to the champions of the Ontario Hockey Association from its founding in 1890 until its replacement in 1899 by the John Ross Robertson Cup.


The Cosby Cup was donated by businessman A. Morgan Cosby.[1] The OHA playoffs at the time consisted of play-downs from a limited number of teams. At the start, there was Lindsay, Ottawa, Kingston Queen's University, Toronto Osgoode Hall, Toronto St. George's and Toronto Granites. These were the only teams of the OHA upon its founding, but the league started adding divisions in 1896, splitting into junior, intermediate and senior.

The Cosby Cup was awarded to the senior champions until the John Ross Robertson trophies were donated in 1899. The Cosby Cup was given permanently to Queen's University.[2]


Season Team Runner-up Score Location
1891 Ottawa Hockey Club Toronto St. George's 5–0 Ottawa
1892 Ottawa Hockey Club Toronto Osgoode Hall 10–4 Toronto
1893 Ottawa Hockey Club Toronto Granites default
1894 Toronto Osgoode Hall Kingston Queen's University 3–2 Toronto[1]
1895 Kingston Queen's University Toronto Trinity College 17–3 Toronto[3]
1896 Kingston Queen's University Stratford 12–3 Toronto[4]
1897 Kingston Queen's University University of Toronto 12–7 (6–1,6–6)
1898 Toronto Osgoode Hall
1899 Kingston Queen's University

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