Corozal South East

People's United Party Belize Elections and Boundaries Commission Florencio Marin
Corozal South East
for the Belize House of Representatives
Electorate6,549 (2012)
Major settlementsSarteneja, San Joaquin
Current constituency
Party     People's United Party
Area RepresentativeFlorencio Julian Marin

Corozal South East is an electoral constituency in the Corozal District represented in the House of Representatives of the National Assembly of Belize since 2008 by Florencio Julian Marin of the People's United Party.


The Corozal South East constituency was one of 10 new seats created for the 1984 general election, created by a split of the previous Corozal South constituency. It is the largest constituency geographically in Corozal District, including the villages of Caledonia, Sarteneja and San Joaquin.[1]

Corozal South East has been continuously held by the PUP since its creation, first by former Leader of the Opposition Florencio Marin, then by his son Florencio Julian Marin. The elder Marin previously represented Corozal South.

It is considered a safe seat for the People’s United Party, as it has never been held by any party other than the PUP; nor had its predecessor constituency.

Area Representatives

Election Area Representative[2] Party
1984 Florencio Marin PUP
2008 Florencio Julian Marin PUP


Election Political result Candidate Party Votes % ±%
2012 general election [3]
Electorate: 6,549
Turnout: 5,609 (85.65%) −1.84
PUP hold
Majority: 412 (7.35%) +7.02
Florencio Julian MarinPUP2,99953.47+3.4
Raul Fabian Rosado UDP2,58746.12−3.62
2008 general election [4]
Electorate: 5,597
Turnout: 4,897 (87.49%) −0.77
PUP hold
Majority: 16 (0.33%) −5.03
Florencio Julian MarinPUP2,45250.07−1.31
Servando Samos UDP2,43649.74+3.72
2003 general election [5]
Electorate: 4,752
Turnout: 4,194 (88.26%) −3.45
PUP hold
Majority: 225 (5.36%) −28.35
Florencio MarinPUP2,15551.38−15.12
Servando Samos UDP1,93046.02+13.23
Hipolito Bautista Independent621.48-
1998 general election [6]
Electorate: 3,704
Turnout: 3,397 (91.71%) +3.37
PUP hold
Majority: 1,145 (33.71%) +13.51
Florencio MarinPUP2,25966.5+6.4
Lucio Navarro UDP1,11432.79−7.11
1993 general election [7][8]
Electorate: 3,672
Turnout: 3,244 (88.34%) −1.79
PUP hold
Majority: 656 (20.2%) +13.0
Florencio MarinPUP1,95060.1+7.2
Lucio Navarro UDP1,29439.9−5.8
1989 general election [9][10]
Electorate: 3,203
Turnout: 2,887 (90.13%) +0.14
PUP hold
Majority: 208 (7.2%) −2.2
Florencio MarinPUP1,52852.9−1.2
Doroteo Pott UDP1,32045.7+1.0
1984 general election [11][12]
Electorate: 2,458
Turnout: 2,212 (89.99%) n/a
PUP win
Majority: 208 (9.4%) n/a
Florencio MarinPUP1,19654.1-
Concepcion Campos UDP98844.7-