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Colombian Conservatism is a broad system of conservative political beliefs in Colombia that is characterized by protectionism, support for Catholic values, social stability and anti-totalitarianism. Its history began with the creation of political parties that represent conservatism in Colombia. One characteristics of Colombian Conservatism, in contrast to many other geographic subsets of conservatism, is its strong emphasis in protectionism, which is considered by many Colombian conservatives to be necessary to create a fair market.


Colombian conservatism holds Simón Bolívar, and his ideals, as the image of its political principles. The first formal conservative Colombian party known as "Republicanos Moderados" was created in 1837 by Jose Ignacio de Marquez. In the image of Bolivar, the party held religious principles and favored order and control. In 1840, a civil war occurred that helped the proliferation of future political parties, including the Colombian Conservative Party, the current principal representative of this ideal.

Colombia has experienced many conservative movements. An example is the "Conservatismo Colombiano" party.

Other movements such as that of Gustavo Rojas Pinilla were influenced by conservative ideals.

Another important movement created by Nuñez was a coalition between conservatives and moderate liberals called "Partido Nacional".

The National Popular Alliance was initiated in the 1960s by disillusioned conservatives and it later developed into a populist opposition party. Before the creation of the party, the members were called "Godos". These "Republicanos Moderados" and some other "radical conservatives" led to the beginnings of the Colombian Conservative Party.


These ideals have evolved, but the most important are:

Conservative presidents

Conservative presidents include:

(*)Presidents of Liberal origin which implemented conservative policies, since then become allied with conservatism.