Conseil scolaire Viamonde

Toronto Conseil scolaire catholique MonAvenir Sunnidale Park
Conseil scolaire Viamonde
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116 Cornelius Parkway, Toronto, Ontario, M6L 2K5
(educational management office)
1 Vanier Drive, Welland, Ontario, L3B 1A1
(business and financial office)

Coordinates43°43′05″N 79°28′32″W / 43.71801°N 79.47548°W / 43.71801; -79.47548Coordinates: 43°43′05″N 79°28′32″W / 43.71801°N 79.47548°W / 43.71801; -79.47548
District information
Established1 January 1998
(through merger of several school boards)
Chair of the boardJean-François L'Heureux
Director of educationMartin Bertrand
Schools27 daycares
39 elementary schools
14 high schools[1]
BudgetCA$189,985,000 (2016-2017)
District IDB66303
Students and staff
Teachersaround 800
Staff1,723 including teachers
Other information
Elected trusteesFrançois Guérin
Julien Baeta
Guy Belcourt
Véronique Emery
Pierre Girouard
Pierre Lambert
Sylvie Landry
Chloë Robert
Yvon Rochefort
Guillaume Teasdale
Denis Trudel

The Conseil scolaire Viamonde (CSV) is a public-secular French first language school board, and manages elementary and secondary schools in the Ontario Peninsula and the Greater Golden Horseshoe. The school board operates 39 elementary schools and 14 secondary schools within that area. The school board operates two offices, one in Toronto, and one in Welland. The educational management office is located in the Maple Leaf neighbourhood of Toronto, whereas the business and financial management office is located in Welland.[1]

The school board was formed in 1998 after several local school boards were amalgamated into the French-language Public District School Board No. 58.[2] From 1999 to 2010, the school board was known as Conseil Scolaire de District du Centre-Sud-Ouest.[3] CSV is one of four members of the Association des conseillers(ères) des écoles publique de l'Ontario (ACÉPO).

CSV does not operate public French first language public-separate schools in the Ontario Peninsula or the Greater Golden Horseshoe. Public-separate French language schools in the Greater Golden Horseshoe are operated by Conseil scolaire catholique MonAvenir, whereas Conseil scolaire catholique Providence operates the public French separate schools in Southwestern Ontario.


Educational management offices for Conseil scolaire Viamonde, in Toronto.

The board was created 1 January 1998 when the Government of Ontario decided to amalgamate several secular French school boards in the Ontario Peninsula (an area made of Southwestern Ontario, and the Greater Golden Horseshoe). School boards that were amalgamated included:

Secular French school boards merged into CSV Number of schools operated in 1997
Conseil des écoles françaises de la communauté urbaine de Toronto 5 elementary schools
2 secondary schools
Conseil scolaire de Niagara Sud 5 elementary schools
1 secondary school
Conseil de l'éducation du comté de Simcoe 3 elementary schools
1 secondary school
Conseil de l'éducation de la ville de London 1 elementary school
1 secondary school
Conseil de l'éducation du comté de Lambton 1 elementary school
1 secondary school
Conseil de la ville de Hamilton 1 secondary school

Shortly after the merger, the school board changed its name from French-language Public District School Board No. 58 to Conseil scolaire du district du Centre-Sud-Ouest. The school board continued to operate as Centre-Sud-Ouest until November 15 2010, when its name was changed to Conseil scolaire Viamonde.[3]

In 2011 the school district announced its intention to buy unused Toronto District School Board buildings; in order to do so, it has to use funds from the Ontario provincial government. After the government denied the funding, the Conseil scolaire Viamonde announced plans to sue the province.[4]

List of schools

CSV presently operates 39 elementary schools and 14 secondary schools throughout Southwestern Ontario and most of the Greater Golden Horseshoe.[5] The area in which the school board operates and provides schooling for covers 68,180 km2 of Ontario.[1]

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