Colt Canada

Ontario Kitchener, Ontario Diemaco
Colt Canada Corporation
PredecessorDiemaco (1984) Inc., div. of Héroux-Devtek Inc.
FoundedMay 20, 2005 (2005-05-20)
Area served
North America, Europe, Pacific
ProductsFirearms, weapons
Number of employees
ParentColt's Manufacturing Company

Colt Canada (formerly called Diemaco)[1] is a firearms manufacturer owned by United States-based Colt and located in Kitchener, Ontario.

The company is a defense contractor that manufactures and supplies small arms to the Canadian Armed Forces, Canadian law enforcement agencies, and Canadian civilian shooters, as well as defense research & development, training, logistic support, repair and overhaul.[2] In addition, the company exports firearms internationally. Known foreign customers include Norway, Denmark and The Netherlands.

The company's main products are the C7 rifle and derivatives which are manufactured under a licence of Colt Defense USA, and the EAGLE side-loading 40mm LV grenade launcher. Colt Canada describes itself as the Canadian government's "Centre of Excellence for small arms" and the Canadian Forces' sole supplier of the C7 family of rifles.[3]


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