Colombia–Venezuela border

Venezuela Colombia San Cristóbal, Táchira
The border between Colombia and Venezuela.
The border between Colombia and Venezuela

The Colombia–Venezuela border is an ongoing international border of 2219 kilometers (1378 mi) that separates the territories of Colombia and Venezuela, with a total of 603 milestones that demarcate the line.[1] It is the longest border of both Colombia and Venezuela.

The border, at least in its terrestrial part, was essentially demarcated by two treaties: the Spanish Arbitration Award of Queen Maria Cristina of 1891 and the Treaty of Limits and River Navigation of 1941.[2] But the conflict still exists by the definition of border in the Gulf of Venezuela, and it still causes diplomatic clashes between both countries.

In August 2015, two Venezuelan soldiers were injured during a fight with alleged Colombian smugglers,[3] prompting Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro to close a large part of the border, except in Táchira.[4]

Border cities


Border rivers

The main rivers that cross or are part of the border are:[5]

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