Cola de Caballo

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Cola de Caballo
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Cola de Caballo (Horse Tail) Waterfall
LocationSantiago, Nuevo León, Mexico
Coordinates25°21′44″N 100°09′48″W / 25.362317°N 100.163467°W / 25.362317; -100.163467
Total height25 metres (82 ft)
Number of drops1
Longest drop25 m
For the plant of this name, see Equisetaceae

Cola de Caballo (Spanish for "Horse Tail") is a waterfall about 25 m (25 mi) from Monterrey, Mexico, in the town of Villa de Santiago, Nuevo León. It is open to the public and is accessible via a walking path.


Coordinates: 25°21′44.34″N 100°9′48.48″W / 25.3623167°N 100.1634667°W / 25.3623167; -100.1634667