Chiang Mai Rajabhat University

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Chiang Mai Rajabhat University (CMRU.) is a university in the north of Thailand under the Royal Thai Ministry of Education. The university was founded in 1924 as an agricultural teacher training college. In 1948, it became Chiang Mai Teachers College and offered majors in a variety of subjects. On 14 February 1982, the year of King Rama IX's sixtieth birthday, the king proclaimed Thailand's 36 teacher's colleges to be Rajabhat Institutes. They then began offering majors and degree programmes in non-teaching fields.

On 6 March 1985, the king granted the use of his royal crest as the Rajabhat Institute emblem. Rajabhat Institute Chiang Mai became Chiang Mai Rajabhat University in 2004.

Enrolment is about 30,000.[1] There are five faculties, one graduate school, one international college and one autonomous institute, employing about 500 faculty members.


There are four campuses:


Faculty of Education

This faculty includes the Teaching Practicum Center, a Special Education Center and a Demonstration School for research and teaching.

Faculty of Humanities and Social Science

Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Vietnamese language programs under the cooperation with international universities are offered, including student and teacher exchange programs.

Faculty of Science and Technology

The faculty trains graduates in sciences and applied sciences. The Science Center is a study center for local communities.

Faculty of Management Science

The Science faculty trains students in business management, economics, accounting, management science and public relations.

Faculty of Agricultural Technology

The faculty provides education in agriculture sciences.

Graduate School

The graduate programs were established in 1995.

International College

The CMRU International College is an academic institute that produces graduates in BA - Business English; BA - English; and BBA - International Business.

Asian Institute for Community Economy and Technology

adiCET is a research and development institution for the well-being of the society by using green technologies. The institution offers MS and PhD degrees in community economy and technology development as well as a post-doctoral research program. The adiCET campus is on Chiang Mai Green City (CMGC). Chiang Mai Green City will be the first community in the world that uses only renewable energy and green technology while striving to be 100% sustainable.[2]


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