Cayo North East

United Democratic Party (Belize) People's United Party Elvin Penner
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Cayo North East
for the Belize House of Representatives
Electorate5,953 (2015)
Major settlementsSan Ignacio (part), Spanish Lookout
Current constituency
Party     People's United Party
Area RepresentativeOrlando Habet

Cayo North East is an electoral constituency in the Cayo District represented in the House of Representatives of the National Assembly of Belize since 2015 by Orlando Habet of the People's United Party.


Cayo North East includes the northern part of San Ignacio, as well as the villages of Santa Familia, Spanish Lookout, Billy White, Esperanza, Duck Run I, Duck Run II, and Duck Run III.[1]

Along with Belmopan, the Cayo North East constituency was created for the 2008 general election. In June 2014 San Ignacio mayor John August was named the UDP candidate for the 2015 general election, replacing embattled Area Representative Elvin Penner, who was re-elected in 2012 by a razor-thin margin and faced a recall drive shortly thereafter.[2][3] The PUP nominated Orlando Habet, who went on to win the election in November.[4]

Area Representatives

Election Area Representative[5] Party
2008 Elvin Penner UDP
2012 Elvin Penner UDP
2015 Orlando Habet PUP


Election Political result Candidate Party Votes % ±%
2015 general election [6]
Electorate: 5,953
Turnout: 4,404 (73.98%) −0.32
PUP gain from UDP
Majority: 72 (1.63%) +1.21
Orlando HabetPUP2,21750.34+0.58
John August Jr. UDP2,14548.71−0.63
2012 general election [7]
Electorate: 5,548
Turnout: 4,122 (74.3%) −3.36
UDP hold
Majority: 17 (0.42%) −12.0
Elvin PennerUDP2,05149.76−3.88
Orlando Habet PUP2,03449.34+8.12
2008 general election [8]
Electorate: 4,683
Turnout: 3,637 (77.66%) n/a
UDP win
Majority: 452 (12.42%) n/a
Elvin PennerUDP1,95153.64-
Orlando Habet PUP1,49941.22-
Cornelius Dueck NRP1524.18-


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