Canadian Senate Standing Committee on Official Languages

Independent Senators Group Conservative Party of Canada Senate of Canada

The Senate Standing Committee On Official languages (OLLO) is a standing committee of the Senate of Canada responsible for examining issues of Francophone culture in Canada, especially in regard to the Official Languages Act. It is mandated to study, as the Senate may decide, bills, messages, petitions, inquiries, papers and other matters relating to Canada's official languages generally.


Caucus Member Province
  Conservative Rose-May Poirier, deputy chair NB
  Conservative Ghislain Maltais QC
  Conservative Paul McIntyre NB
  Conservative Percy Mockler NB
  Independent Senators Group Gwen Boniface ON
  Independent Senators Group René Cormier NB
  Independent Senators Group Raymonde Gagné MB
  Independent Senators Group Marie-Françoise Mégie QC
  Senate Liberal Claudette Tardif, chair AB
  Senate Liberal Joan Fraser QC

The Representative of the Government in the Senate and Leader of the Opposition in the Senate are both ex-officio members of the committee.

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