Canadian Senate Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs and International Trade

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The Senate Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs and International Trade (AEFA) (French: Commité permanent du Sénat des Affaires étrangères et commerce international) is a standing committee of the Senate of Canada, active since 1938. As a standing committee, the rules of the Senate re-establish the committee at the opening of every new session (otherwise the committee would permanently dissolve).


The mandate of the Committee is to examine legislation and matters that relate to Canada's foreign, Commonwealth and NAFTA relations, policies and agreements.


Caucus Member Province
  Conservative Raynell Andreychuk, chair SK
  Conservative Salma Ataullahjan ON
  Conservative Leo Housakos QC
  Conservative Thanh Hai Ngo ON
  Conservative Victor Oh ON
  Conservative Dennis Patterson NU
  Independent Senators Group Patricia Bovey MB
  Independent Senators Group Marc Gold QC
  Independent Senators Group Sabi Marwah ON
  Independent Senators Group Raymonde Saint-Germain QC
  Independent Senators Group Yuen Pau Woo BC
  Non-affiliated Anne Cools ON
  Senate Liberal Percy Downe, deputy chair PEI
  Senate Liberal Jane Cordy NS
  Senate Liberal Dennis Dawson QC

The Representative of the Government in the Senate and Leader of the Opposition in the Senate are both ex-officio members of the committee.