Canada–Portugal relations

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Canada – Portugal relations
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Canada–Portugal relations are the bilateral relations between Canada and Portugal. Both nations are members of NATO and the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development


Monument to Portugal in "Parc du Portugal" in Montreal, Canada

One of the first European explores to visit present-day Canada was Gaspar Corte-Real who explored the Atlantic regions of Canada. Diplomatic relations between Canada and Portugal were officially established in 1946.[1] In November 1972, Canada condemned the Portuguese Colonial Wars in Angola, Mozambique and Portuguese Guinea.[2] In November 2010, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper visited Portugal to attend the 2010 Lisbon summit.


In 2013, bilateral trade between Canada and Portugal totaled (CAD) $611.8 million. Canada's exports to Portugal amounted to $236.6. Aerospace products, cereals, machinery and parts, iron and steel, and vegetables; were among the leading export goods from Canada to Portugal. Imports from Portugal in 2013 amounted to $375.2 million. Beverages (wine), mineral fuels and oils, footwear, electrical and electronic machinery and equipment and furniture; were among leading import goods from Portugal to Canada.[1]

Portuguese communities

There are around 400,000 people in Canada of Portuguese ancestry, being either immigrants or descended from immigrants. Canada opened its doors to Portuguese immigration in 1953; most Portuguese Canadians trace their families back to the Azores Islands. There is a Portuguese community in Toronto. This area where most Portuguese Canadians live is called Little Portugal. There is also one in Montréal and around 20,000 Portuguese in Vancouver, with 34,000 in the province of British Columbia. Smaller Portuguese communities exist in Calgary, Winnipeg and other cities. There is a long history of Portuguese fishermen in Newfoundland, going back to the 16th century.

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