Canada–Grenada relations

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Canada–Grenada relations
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Canada – Grenada relations are bilateral relations between Canada and Grenada. Canada recognized Grenada and also formally established diplomatic relations on 7 February 1974, as the same day as Grenada got independence from the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.[1] Both countries are members of the Commonwealth of Nations, and they share the same head of state and monarch as Commonwealth realms.


Early bilateral interactions occurred as both countries shared their colonial relationship as former parts of the British Empire.


There are eight Canadian businesses in Grenada.[2]

As today, Canadian banks have an especially large role in the Grenada commercial banking industry. Canadian banks own one of the largest banks in Grenada.[3] In the early 1980s, the Canadian government contributed six million US dollar for the contraction of the Point Salines International, as today known as the Maurice Bishop International Airport.[4]

Canadian Business companies in Grenada


All officials are located at the Canadian High Commission in Bridgetown, Barbados. Grenada has a consulate general in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Bilateral agreements

Date Agreement name Law ref. number Note
8 February 1977 Agreement relating to Canadian Investments in Grenada Insured by Canada through its Agent, the Export Development Corporation[5] 1977/10
15 October 1987 General Agreement on Development Co-operation[6] Came into force on 17 June 1997.
8 January 1998 Agreement on Social Security[7] 1999/51 Come into force on 1 February 1999.


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