Borden Island

Queen Elizabeth Islands Nunavut Northwest Territories
Borden Island
Borden Island, NWT/Nunavut
Borden Island is located in Nunavut
Borden Island
Borden Island
LocationNorthern Canada
Coordinates78°30′03″N 111°13′12″W / 78.50083°N 111.22000°W / 78.50083; -111.22000 (Borden Island)Coordinates: 78°30′03″N 111°13′12″W / 78.50083°N 111.22000°W / 78.50083; -111.22000 (Borden Island)
ArchipelagoQueen Elizabeth Islands
Canadian Arctic Archipelago
Area2,795 km2 (1,079 sq mi)
Length94 km (58.4 mi)
Width82 km (51 mi)
Northwest Territories

Borden Island is an uninhabited, low-lying island in the Queen Elizabeth Islands of northern Canada.

Some features and history

With an area of 2,795 km2 (1,079 sq mi) in size, 93.9 kilometres (58.3 mi) long and 82 kilometres (51 mi) wide, it is the 171st largest island in the world, and Canada's 30th largest island. It lies north of Mackenzie King Island and is similarly split between the Northwest Territories (larger portion) and Nunavut, with the border running along the 110th meridian west.

The first known sighting of the island was by Vilhjalmur Stefansson in 1916, it was originally described as a single landmass.[1] However, in 1947, during an aerial survey by the Royal Canadian Air Force the island was found to be two islands divided by Wilkins Strait.[2]


The island is named for Robert Borden, Prime Minister of Canada 1911–1920.


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