Björn Þórðarson

Ólafur Thors Prime Minister of Iceland Jón Magnússon (politician)

Björn Þórðarson
Björn Þórðarson.png
9th Prime Minister of Iceland
In office
16 December 1942 – 21 October 1944
MonarchKristján X (1942–1944)
Sveinn Björnsson (1944)
PresidentSveinn Björnsson
Preceded byÓlafur Thors
Succeeded byÓlafur Thors
Personal details
Born6 February 1879
Died25 October 1963 (aged 84)
Political partyIndependent

Björn Þórðarson (Icelandic pronunciation: ​[ˈpjœrtn̥ ˈθourðarsɔn̥]; 6 February 1879 – 25 October 1963) was Prime Minister of Iceland from 16 December 1942 to 21 October 1944, in the only government that did not rely on parliamentary support. He was prime minister when Iceland became a republic. His cabinet was named the Coca-Cola rule because two of its ministers started franchises of two big American companies during the US occupation during World War II. Vilhjálmur Þór, from the Progressive Party, took on Esso, and Björn Ólafsson, later a member of the Alþingi, founded Vífilfell, the company that sells Coca-Cola in Iceland.

Preceded by
Ólafur Thors
Prime Minister of Iceland
Succeeded by
Ólafur Thors