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MottoProfit for good
Legal statusA company limited by guarantee and incorporated in England and Wales
HeadquartersStarling House, 1600 Bristol Parkway North, Bristol, BS34 8YU, United Kingdom
Managing Director
Ian Russell
Parent organization
Society for Endocrinology

Established in 1996, Bioscientifica Ltd is the commercial subsidiary of the Society for Endocrinology, and provides publishing, events, and association management services to biomedical societies, and to the pharmaceutical industry.[1][2] Although the company generates profits, these are redistributed to Bioscientifica's partner societies to fund biomedical research and practice.[3]


Bioscientifica publishes academic journals and case reports focused on endocrinology, and its intersecting disciplines. The company also publishes free-to-read conference abstracts via its BiosciAbstracts platform[4] and conference proceedings via Bioscientifica Proceedings.[5] According to the 2016 Journal Citation Reports, six of Bioscientifica's publications have an impact factor: Endocrine-Related Cancer, Journal of Endocrinology, Journal of Molecular Endocrinology, European Journal of Endocrinology, Reproduction (journal) and Endocrine Connections.[6]

Bioscientifica was an early proponent of open access. In February 2012, the company was among the first 24 publishers to sign the STM Association's Sustainable Open Access Statement.[7][8] Bioscientifica currently publishes four open access journals, supports gold open access publication in its subscription journals, and makes all journal content free to read online 12 months after publication.

As part of its charitable remit, Bioscientifica participates in the HINARI programme, through which the publisher provides free access to its journals in developing countries.[9]

Event Management

Bioscientifica manages academic conferences for biomedical societies. Their event services include:

Several of the events managed by Bioscientifica have won industry awards. Recent awards include:

Association Management

Bioscientifica currently provides Association Management and secretariat services to the following societies:

Professional Memberships

Bioscientifica is a member of the following professional bodies:


Bioscientifica is governed by its board of directors, which is composed of Society for Endocrinology officers, industry professionals, and members of Bioscientifica's executive team. The board is currently made up of the following members.


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