Beth Israel Synagogue (Halifax, Nova Scotia)

Halifax, Nova Scotia Geographic coordinate system Modern Orthodox Judaism
Beth Israel
Beth Israel Synagog.jpg
Beth Israel
AffiliationOrthodox Judaism
LeadershipRabbi: Yakov Kerzner[1]
Location1480 Oxford Street
Halifax, Nova Scotia
B3H 3Y8
Geographic coordinates44°38′39″N 63°35′59″W / 44.644161°N 63.599672°W / 44.644161; -63.599672Coordinates: 44°38′39″N 63°35′59″W / 44.644161°N 63.599672°W / 44.644161; -63.599672

Beth Israel Synagogue (Hebrew: בית ישראל‎) is a Modern Orthodox synagogue located at 1480 Oxford Street in Halifax, Nova Scotia.[2] Formally chartered by a Private Member's Bill in the Nova Scotia legislature in 1895, it grew out of the Baron de Hirsch Hebrew Benevolent Society (named after Baron Maurice de Hirsch), which was formed in 1890. It was the first Orthodox congregation in Canada east of Montreal, and still provides the only daily minyan in Canada east of Montreal. In 1953, several families from the Beth Israel Synagogue left to form the Shaar Shalom Synagogue. The Beth Israel is also one of the few synagogues in the region with a functioning mikveh[3]

As of 2016 the rabbi was Yakov Kerzner.[1]


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