Ben adam

Wikipedia:Citation needed Hebrew language Son of man (Judaism)

Ben adam (Hebrew: בן־אדם Hebrew pronunciation: [ˈben (ʔ)aˈdam] son of a man) in biblical Hebrew it simply means human being.[1] For example, "son of man" in Job chapter 25 and Psalm 146 is ben adam, illustrating the Jewish concept of "son of man".

It is used in rabbinical and modern Hebrew to describe a righteous person, someone who does the right thing.[citation needed]


  1. ^ Geoffrey W. Bromiley The International Standard Bible Encyclopedia -0802837840 Volume 4 - 1995- Page 574 "In each instance ben 'adam is literally translated in the LXX with the anarthrous Greek phrase huios anthropou. In this context, therefore, ben 'adam also means "human being." An Ugaritic poetic text also has the terms adm and bn adm in parallel couplets, indicating that in Ugaritic the phrase bn adm also means "human being" (Smith, pp. 59f.).