Belize Rural Central

People's United Party United Democratic Party (Belize) Belize Elections and Boundaries Commission
Belize Rural Central
for the Belize House of Representatives
Electorate5,920 (2012)
Major settlementsLadyville, Hattieville
Current constituency
Party     United Democratic Party
Area RepresentativeBeverly Williams

Belize Rural Central is an electoral constituency in the Belize District represented in the House of Representatives of the National Assembly of Belize since 2015 by Beverly Williams of the United Democratic Party.


The Belize Rural Central constituency was created for the 1993 general election by a split of the existing Belize Rural South constituency. Out of the 13 Belize District constituencies it is one of three located outside the Belize City limits, consisting of the southern half of the Belize District mainland. It includes Ladyville and the Philip S. W. Goldson International Airport.[1]

Area Representatives

Election Area Representative[2] Party
1993 Ralph Fonseca PUP
2008 Michael Hutchinson UDP
2012 Dolores Balderamos-García PUP
2015 Beverly Williams UDP


Election Political result Candidate Party Votes % ±%
2012 general election [3]
Electorate: 5,920
Turnout: 3,917 (66.17%) −10.04
PUP gain from UDP
Majority: 204 (5.21%) +0.64
Dolores Balderamos-GarcíaPUP2,00551.19+4.57
Michael Hutchinson UDP1,80145.98−5.21
Fred Hunter Sr. PNP741.89-
2008 general election [4]
Electorate: 5,032
Turnout: 3,835 (76.21%) +5.42
UDP gain from PUP
Majority: 175 (4.57%) −28.43
Michael HutchinsonUDP1,96351.19+17.69
Ralph Fonseca PUP1,78846.62−19.88
Harrisford B. Myers VIP360.94-
Queen Miller Independent160.42-
2003 general election [5]
Electorate: 4,482
Turnout: 3,173 (70.79%) −15.22
PUP hold
Majority: 1,047 (33.0%) −14.57
Ralph FonsecaPUP2,11066.5−6.05
Colin Gillett UDP1,06333.5+8.52
1998 general election [6]
Electorate: 3,524
Turnout: 3,031 (86.01%) +16.03
PUP hold
Majority: 1,442 (47.57%) +1.77
Ralph FonsecaPUP2,19972.55−0.35
Louis S. Sylvestre UDP75724.98−2.12
Gloria Marie Bowen PDP481.58-
1993 general election [7][8]
Electorate: 2,805
Turnout: 1,963 (69.98%) n/a
PUP win
Majority: 899 (45.8%) n/a
Ralph FonsecaPUP1,43172.9-
Lloyd Gillett UDP53227.1-