Battle of Serobeti

Mahdist War Askari First Battle of Agordat
Battle of Serobeti
Part of the Mahdist War
Date26 June 1892
Serobeti, Italian Eritrea
Result Italian victory
Flag of Italy (1861–1946).svg Kingdom of Italy Mahdist Sudan
120 ascari and about 200 warriors of the Baria tribe[1] 1,000[1]
Casualties and losses
3 killed and 10 wounded[1] 100 dead and wounded[1]

The Battle of Serobeti took place on June 26, 1892 and was fought between Italy and Mahdist Sudan. The incident took place when one-thousand Mahdist warriors entered Italian Eritrea and were driven back by an Italian-led force of 120 ascari and 200 Baria tribe warriors. In all, Italian losses were three dead and ten wounded, while the Mahdists suffered around one-hundred killed and wounded. Author Sean McLachlan blames the Mahdists' "inferior weaponry and fire discipline" for their defeat at Serobeti and the preceding First Battle of Agordat (1890).[1]


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