Battle of Mufilo

Mandingo Wars Ovambo people Portuguese Angola
Battle of Mufilo
Part of Portuguese campaign against the Ovambo (1904-1907)
Sargentos de marinha expedicionários 15 de Maio de 1907.jpg
Portuguese marine sergeants of the expeditionary force sent to fight the Cuamatos (photo taken in Lisbon on 15 May 1907 by Joshua Benoliel)
Date27 August 1907
Southwest of Portuguese Angola
Result Portuguese victory
Flag of Portugal (1830).svg Portuguese Empire Flag of Ovamboland.svg Ovambo
Commanders and leaders
Alves Roçadas Sihetekela
2,300 men 20,000 men
Casualties and losses
15 killed
55 wounded

The Battle of Mufilo (Portuguese: Combate de Mufilo) was a battle occurring on 27 August 1907, in the southwest of Portuguese Angola, during the Ovambo resistance to Portuguese colonization.


Coordinates: 16°48′00″S 14°59′00″E / 16.8°S 14.9833°E / -16.8; 14.9833