Battle of Kirbekan

Mahdist War South Staffordshire Regiment Canada
Battle of Kirbekan
Part of The Mahdist War
Battle of Kirbekan map.jpg
A British map of the battle
Date10 February 1885
Result British Victory
United Kingdom United Kingdom Mahdist Sudan
Commanders and leaders
William Earle  Musa abu higel
1,000 9,000
Casualties and losses
60 killed 2,000 killed

The Battle of Kirbekan was a battle in the Mahdist War. It was fought February 10, 1885, when the British Nile Column, about 1,000 strong, under General Earle, stormed the heights of Kirbekan, which were held by a strong Mahdist force, and totally routed them, with heavy loss.


The British lost 60, among whom was General Earle, killed.[1] It was the first appearance of the Egyptian Army Camel Corps under Bimbashi Marriott in action.[2] A brass plaque on the North wall of Lichfield Cathedral commemorates the death of Lieutenant colonel Philip Eyre of the First South Staffordshire Regiment in the battle.


The British forces involved in the battle were:[3]


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