Bahria University

Karachi Bachelor of Science Islamabad
Bahria University
جامعہ بحریہ
Latin: Universidad Naval
Motto in English
Discovering Knowledge
Established2000 (2000)
ChancellorPresident of Pakistan
RectorVice Admiral Kaleem Shaukat HI(M)
CampusUrban area
ColoursNavy, white
Nickname'BU', 'BUIC', 'BUKC', 'BULC', 'BUMDC', 'IPP', 'NCMPR'
AffiliationsHEC, PEC, ACU, NCEAC, PMDC

Bahria University (جامعہ بحریہ) or BU, is a Federally Chartered Public Sector university primarily located in Islamabad, Pakistan.[2] The university maintains campuses in Karachi and Lahore.

Established by the Pakistan Navy in 2000, its status is granted as Semi-Government. It offers programmes in undergraduate, post-graduate, and doctoral studies as well as, BMDC (Bahria Medical and Dental College), Karachi.[3] Its research is directed towards the development of engineering, philosophy, natural, social, and medical sciences. Bahria is a comprehensive university having multidisciplinary programs that includes Health Sciences, Engineering Sciences, Computer Sciences, Management Sciences, Social Sciences, Law, Earth and Environmental Sciences, Psychology and Maritime Studies. The university is one of the top institution of higher learning in the country and secured 23rd in among country's top thirty and most notable universities in "general category" by the HEC, as of 2016.[4] The university is a member of the Association of Commonwealth Universities of the United Kingdom.[5]

The university research institutes offer scientific research in the development of medical, environmental, natural sciences as well as in the engineering and philosophy.[6]

Bahria University Headquarters, Islamabad.

Bahria University is a founder member of the Education Futures Collaboration charity, an international network of educators working on strategies to bridge the research/practice/policy making divide. See


Bahria University Islamabad campus

Bahria University has its genesis in Bahria Colleges and Bahria Institutes of Management and Computer Sciences which were established by the Pakistan Navy in the 1980s and 1990s in Islamabad and Karachi. These institutes and colleges were affiliated with Peshawar University to conduct Bachelor and master's degree programmes in the disciplines of Business Management and Computer Sciences.[citation needed]

Bahria University offers Bachelor and higher degree programmes. It produces professionals in areas like Electronics & Telecommunication, Electrical, Computer Sciences, Software Engineering, Media Studies, Business Management, Earth & Environmental Sciences, Medical and Health Sciences, Professional Psychology, Social Sciences and Law.

The growth and policies of university are governed by its Board of Governors comprising senior naval officers and representatives of the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Education and the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan. Chief of the Naval Staff is the Chairman Board of Governors as well as Pro-Chancellor of the University.[7]


The university has campuses in Islamabad, Karachi and Lahore. The Headquarter of the university is in Islamabad consisting of 3 blocks (OC, NC and XC) including a girls hostel. A new building has been constructed, which is for business students. Furthermore, the headquarters consists of a business incubation center,[8] auditorium, gymnasium, and several cafeterias throughout the campus. [9]

Affiliated colleges

Bahria University is the awarding body for the following affiliated institutions:[10]

International linkages

Bahria University has signed Memorandum of understanding with the following 21 international universities:[11]

Degrees offered

Bahria University offers the following undergraduate and postgraduate degrees at its constituent units:[12] The standard of education is comparable to many European and American universities.

Management Sciences

Electrical Engineering

Computer Engineering

Software Engineering

Department of Law

  • LLB (Bachelor of Law)
  • LLM (Master of law)
  • LLM (International and Maritime Laws)

Computer Sciences

Earth and Environmental Sciences

Professional Psychology

Humanities and Social Sciences

Medical and Dental Sciences


The university helps its students to participate in national and university level sports.[13] The Bahria University Islamabad Campus has a large gymnasium[14] to facilitate sporting events such as basketball matches. There is also a separate fitness gym for males and females to train at their own times. These gyms include treadmills, weight lifting machines, etc... to facilitate the students.


Bahria University has student-driven societies, clubs and associations that work under the tutelage of the student affairs office. Societies and clubs at BU include:

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