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Launched1 June 1996; 24 years ago (1996-06-01)
Owned byNPO & VRT
Picture format576i (SDTV, 16:9)
Broadcast areaWorldwide
Formerly calledZomer TV
Astra 19.2°E Europe, Middle East & North Africa (FTA)11.778 GHz Vertical
DVB-S2 QPSK SR: 29500 FEC: 7/8
SID: 5701 Video PID: 525 Audio PID: 122 Stereo
Eutelsat 113 West A 113°W South America (FTA)11.984 GHz Horizontal
DVB-S2 SR: 3600 FEC: 1/2
SID: ? Video PID: 2001 Audio PID: 3001 Stereo
Optus D2 152°E Australia & New Zealand (FTA)12.519 GHz Vertical
DVB-S SR: 22500 FEC: 3/4
SID: 508 Video PID: 5081 Audio PID: 5082 Stereo
Astra 5°E Africa (FTA)12.034 GHz Horizontal
DVB-S SR: 27500 FEC: 3/4
SID: 8060 Video PID: 525 Audio PID: 122 Stereo
AsiaSat 5 100.5°E Asia, Australia & New Zealand (FTA)3.860 GHz Vertical
DVB-S2 SR: 30000 FEC: 3/4
SID: 77 Video PID: 2077 Audio PID: 3077 Stereo
Galaxy 19 97.0°W North America (FTA)12.060 GHz Horizontal
DVB-S SR: 22000 FEC: 3/4
SID: 17 Video PID: 2017 Audio PID: 3017 Stereo
DStv South AfricaChannel 431
UPC Switzerland (Switzerland)Channel 673 (SD)
naxoo SwitzerlandChannel 314
NOS PortugalChannel 231
Kabel Deutschland (Germany)Channel 883 (SD)
Unitymedia (Germany)Channel 438 (SD)
SkyCable/Destiny Cable(Philippines)Channel 272 (SD)
SkyCable(Philippines)Channel 815 (SD)
Streaming media"BVNLIVE"

BVN (Het beste van Vlaanderen en Nederland, "The best of Flanders and the Netherlands"), is a Dutch free-to-air television channel providing Dutch and Flemish public-service television to viewers around the world.

It is a joint venture by the public broadcasting company of the Netherlands, Nederlandse Publieke Omroep (NPO); and that of the Flemish part of Belgium, the Vlaamse Radio- en Televisieomroep (VRT).

BVN has grown to become a major international channel with worldwide coverage.


The channel started in 1996 as Zomer-TV (Summer-TV), an operation aimed at making Dutch-language programming available to Dutch and Flemish holidaymakers abroad.

All of its programming originally came from the Netherlands (the abbreviation BVN at first standing for het Beste Van Nederland, "the best of the Netherlands") but this was later adapted, once the Flemish Region of Belgium began contributing both financially and with output from the schedules of VRT, to het Beste van Vlaanderen en Nederland: "the best of Flanders and the Netherlands".

Radio Nederland Wereldomroep (RNW) was involved as a founding partner, but left in 2012.

In March 2007 BVN changed its scheduling from three 8-hour programming blocks to two 12-hour blocks: this provided more room for the inclusion in the schedules of such popular shows as De Wereld Draait Door (VARA)


There are three main access methods:


All programmes are replayed during the second 12-hour block, running from 0100 to 1300 CET daily.

News and current affairs

BVN broadcasts daily news bulletins from VRT and NOS. The 1pm and 7pm editions of VRT's Het Journaal are transmitted on a short time delay at 1300 and 1905 CET from Sunday to Friday. The 1900 bulletin is broadcast from 1915 on Saturdays. The main 2000 bulletin from NOS Journaal is broadcast at 2030 CET and features a specially produced international weather forecast (BVN-Weer). A short bulletin is also carried at 1600 CET on weekdays and at 1605 on weekends.

Current affairs output on weekdays consists of the magazine programme EénVandaag (One Today) at 1830 CET, Nieuwsuur (Newshour, which incorporates an NOS Journaal bulletin) and Terzake (To The Point) at around midnight CET. EénVandaag is produced by independent pillar broadcasters (AVROTROS) while Nieuwsuur is co-produced by NOS and the NTR. Terzake is produced by VRT.

On Sundays, BVN carries a delayed broadcast of VRT's current affairs magazine De Zevende Dag (The Seventh Day) at 1330 CET followed by the political talk show Buitenhof at 1530.

Topical debate and entertainment programmes also feature in the schedule including De wereld draait door (The World Keeps Turning) at 1940 CET and Pauw or Jinek at around 2350 CET. Both programmes are off-air during the Summer and are produced by BNN-VARA subsidiary VARA.


NOS produces 15 minutes sports news bulletins called Sportjournaal on weekdays along with Studio Sport, a longer sports news and highlights programme on Saturday nights. The sports magazine show Holland Sport is broadcast periodically on Saturday afternoons. During the football season, Eredivisie highlights are broadcast in NOS's Studio Sport on Saturday nights & Sunday evenings.

VRT's sports coverage is featured daily within short sports bulletins on Het Journaal at 1300 and 1900. On Sundays throughout the year, the 1910 Het Journaal bulletin is shortened to 20 minutes to allow for a half-hour round-up entitled Sportweekend to follow at 1930. During the football season, the 1300 bulletin on Sunday features an extended goals round-up from the Jupiler League (Belgian First Division).


BVN features a daily block of children's programming, consisting of new and archived programming from various pillar broadcasters in the Netherlands, NTR, the NPO children's television stations Z@pp as well Z@ppelin and the VRT children's television station, Ketnet.

Dedicated news and current affairs output for children is also broadcast at weekends, including a weekly current affairs programme Schooltv-weekjournaal, on Saturdays and a news review, NOS Jeugdjournaal Overzicht (NOS Youth Journal Overview), on Sundays.

Features and entertainment

BVN's daily schedule features entertainment, documentaries and features output.

Programming includes documentary series Spoorloos (Without a Trace), the quiz show Blokken (Blocks) and the long running sitcom Thuis (Home) as well as various music specials.


BVN broadcasts a number of popular drama series and serials including Klem (Stuck) and Flikken Rotterdam (Rotterdam Cops).

During the summer, BVN transmits movies from the Netherlands and Flanders on Saturday nights.

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