Atomic Energy Commission of India

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Atomic Energy Commission of India
Agency overview
Formed1 March 1948; 72 years ago (1948-03-01)
Preceding agency
  • Department of Scientific Research
JurisdictionIndian government
Annual budget 214.70 billion (FY 2009)
Agency executive

The Atomic Energy Commission is the governing body of the Department of Atomic Energy (DAE), Government of India. The DAE is under the direct charge of the Prime Minister.

The Indian Atomic Energy Commission was set up on 10 August 1948 under the late Department of Scientific Research. A resolution passed by the Government of India later replaced the commission by "Atomic Energy Commission of India" on 1 March 1958 under the Department of Atomic Energy with more financial and executive powers.

The functions of the Atomic Energy Commission are: (i) to organize research in atomic science in the country (ii) to train atomic scientists in the country (iii) to promote nuclear research in commission's own laboratories in India (iv) to undertake prospecting of atomic minerals in India and to extract such minerals for use on industrial scale.

It has five research centres in India viz.

It also gives financial assistance to autonomous national institutes doing research in the field and has various other organisations under it.


List of Chairmen of Atomic Energy Commission of India

Homi Bhabha (1948–1966)
Vikram Sarabhai (1966–1971)
H.N. Sethna (1972–1983)
Raja Ramanna (1983–1987)
M.R. Srinivasan (1987–1990)
P.K. Iyengar (1990–1993)
R. Chidambaram (1993–2000)
Anil Kakodkar (2000–2009)
Srikumar Banerjee (2009–2012)
Ratan Kumar Sinha (2012–2015)
Sekhar Basu (2015–2018)
K.N. Vyas (2018-)[1]