Ashraf Ssemwogerere

Kabaka of Buganda Lukyamuzi Bashir Kampala

Ashraf Ssemwogerere
OccupationScreenwriter, director, actor, stage actor
Years active1980–present

Ashraf Ssemwogerere (or Semwogerere) is a Ugandan film actor, director and stage actor.[1] He rose to fame with his movie Mukajanga ("The passion of the Ugandan Martyrs"), a story about the team of Buganda royals who were killed for their Christian faith by the Kabaka Mwanga II of Buganda.[2] Semwogerere was kidnapped in Kinawataka by unidentified people in 2006, after screening his new play Murder in the City at the National Theatre.[3][4] His movie Feeling Struggle is believed to be the first feature film in Uganda.[5]

His other films include The Honourable[6] and Murder in the City, a story based on Aggrey Kiyingi[who?] upon the murder of his wife, Robinah Kiyingi.[7]

Ashraf features in Lukyamuzi Bashir's movie Bala Bala Sese as Ireene.[8]


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