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Arbetarbladet ga.jpg
Arbetarbladet front page
Editor-in-chiefHelena Nyman
Founded14 March 1902; 118 years ago (1902-03-14)
Political alignmentSocial democratic
HeadquartersHattmakargatan 12, Gävle
Circulation19,500 (2013)

Arbetarbladet (meaning The Worker in English)[1] is a social democratic newspaper published in Gävle, Sweden.[2]

History and profile

The first issue of Arbetarbladet was published on 14 March 1902.[3] The paper is published in tabloid format.[4]

Fredrik Ström was the editor-in-chief of the newspaper during the period of 1908-1910.[5] Karl August Fagerholm was the editor-in-chief between 1934 and 1942.[6] Kennet Lutti was the editor-in-chief of the newspaper several years from 1994.[5] Today Helena Nyman is the editor-in-chief. She took over after Daniel Nordström.

In 2006 the newspaper had a daily edition of 26,100 copies. Its circulation was 21,600 copies in 2011.[7] The circulation of the paper was 20,800 copies in 2012 and 19,500 copies in 2013.[8]


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