Antiguans and Barbudans in the United Kingdom

British African-Caribbean community Black British British Indo-Caribbean community
British people of Antigua and Barbuda descent
Total population
Antigua and Barbuda-born residents
3,891 (2001 Census)
Regions with significant populations
Throughout the UK, in particular Greater London, West Midlands and Greater Manchester
English (British English, Antiguan Creole)
Primarily Protestantism
Related ethnic groups
British African-Caribbean community, British Indo-Caribbean community, Black British, Black African, Mulatto

Antiguans and Barbudans in the United Kingdom are residents or citizens of the United Kingdom who can trace their roots to Antigua and Barbuda.


At the time of the 2001 UK Census, 3,891 people born in Antigua and Barbuda were living in the United Kingdom, representing around 1.5 per cent of all Caribbean-born people living in the country. In 2001, Antigua and Barbuda was the 11th most common birthplace in the Caribbean for British residents and 109th most common out of all nations.[1]

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